Water Lily


"Emilie helped me a lot in my emotional hourney. She asks the right questions and never judges.

My relationship with Emilie is very healthy. She puts me at ease, set ups a trusting relationship and puts me in a state of mind that enables me to open up about sensitive subjects."


"Emilie manages to set up a trusting relationship while keeping a healthy distance and remaining objective. She does not judge my view of things and is very attentive to the way I feel, without giving her opinion."


"Emilie has helped me through a difficult and stressful period. Our sessions involve various techniques and meditation which I have found useful while at times we plan ahead of topics to discuss in sessions.

I feel comfortable around Emilie and that I can be honest regarding what I am experiencing and the emotions I feel. Our relationship has allowed me to strengthen my relationship with my family in the process.

Emilie has a genuine interest in helping me get better."


"Emilie was very good at making me do the work. She asked pertinent questions which led me to come to my own conclusions, which was very helpful."